About Renata Martins:
I grew up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The beach was a major part of my life. Ipanema beach, one of my favorite places. I used to skip on the sidewalk’ s patterns making it an endless game for me. Life brought me to San Francisco 20 years ago and I started taking fashion classes. For a summer break, my assignment was to make a bag to match a coat I had just made in tailoring class. So, that is how it all started… When I started making bags I wanted to make my own fabric, the Ipanema pattern was an obvious choice that spoke to my heart.
The fabrics are made exclusively for me in the USA. I love fabric prints! So I am always thinking of my next print. I also love vintage fabric that I use on my Aunt Harriet line of clutches.
I design my handbags, the fabric and I use natural fabric.
I make all my bags in my studio in the Mission district in San Francisco.
Contact: [email protected]